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Free Shamitabh Movie Download in HD 720 pixel

Shamitabh movie really very cool movie In this movie Amitabh role was a Beggar who lived in Grave Yard and Coming to Second character Dhanush that was role played a Actor he was deaf in this movie but his dream was become a Movie Star...Must watch this movie ant forget to like our Facebook Page

Cast: This is Drama,Romantic and Mystery based on movie.In this Amitabh was spoke for Dhanush cause dhanush was deaf in this movie his dream was once become a famous star and Amitabh helped him.After become a star dhanush had some problems with Amitabh cause Amitabh showed his profile a big drunker and dhanush didn't liked that so there created some issues in between both characters but in the End of at Oscar time Dhanush lost his life and Amitabh his Voice..

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